2023 JCI Balkan Conference am 21.04.2023

Chisinau (Moldova)
(Google Maps)
Teilnahmegebühr externer Teilnehmer: 20,00 Euro

The 6th JCI Balkan Conference, dedicated to young and starting entrepreneurs and professionals, as well as aspiring JCI leaders, will be held in the capital of Moldova – Chisinau.

In a collaborative effort, young entrepreneurs and business professionals from seven countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine are organizing an event meant to build business collaboration and exchange know-how. Delagates from other countries are more than welcome to join and learn more about the business environment in the region.

During three days we will exchange business know-how, discuss important topics relating to female empowerment in business, exchange JCI project best practices, provide JCI trainings, and network together.

The conference is already beginning on friday. 

More information and tickets: https://2023bc.jci.md/

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