JCI European Academy (EA) vom 02.08.2024 bis 06.08.2024 (= 5 Tage)

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02.08.2024 - 06.08.2024 (= 5 Tage)
Teilnahmegebühr externer Teilnehmer: 20,00 Euro

Anmeldung: https://jciea.jcisweden.se/


What is JCI European Academy?

During an intense weekend in August, about 96 incoming JCI Local Presidents from all over Europe gather in Gothenburg, Sweden to participate in an unique leadership training. Some of Europe’s most outstanding trainers give a four day training.

This is a unforgettable, learning opportunity and a chance to enhance your international network. JCI European Academy offers a wide perspective on leadership and the components that gives a great foundation to further development of your local organization, national organization, international opportunities and your business career.

The Academy takes you through a personal journey as individual, part of a team and as a leader. With a open mind, curiosity, a will to learn and these theoretical and practical insights, you are the only one to set the limits for this learning experience. You can read about the personal experiences from the perspective of a delegate at testimonials.


JCI European Academy aims to increase the understanding and co-operation between future leaders from different countries. Our goal is to establish a forum of representatives from all over Europe to facilitate an exchange of experiences, knowledge, culture and values.


  • To enhance the qualitative development of management, increase the understanding and co-operation of future leaders in various countries.
  • To stimulate the creation of new networks.
  • To support an intra-European exchange and to set up mutual projects.
  • To create long-term growth and development of the JCI spirit in Europe, starting at the local level.
  • To offer a high quality training with the purpose of increasing professionalism within JCI and the individual’s professional life.
  • To raise awareness of JCI’s Corporate Identity and programs.
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